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Monday, August 23, 2010

Turkey condemned by the ECHR

Turkey condemned by the ECHR

The Turkish side accused assassinated Dink with ''Nazi behavior.''

Nikos Stelgia
Kathimerini 23-8-2010


In a few months, the third anniversary ... For three years, the society of Turkey feel the void left behind by the unfair loss of a member of its intelligentsia. Hrant Dink, who was murdered by a 18 year old on January 19, 2007, was only 53 years and his future plans related to the enrichment of literature and intellectual life of Turkey. He wrote incessantly until a number of spheres deprived his life. The Turkish state has taken no action to frustrate the plan of murder.

Instead, now rumors show the way for the involvement of state agencies in the case of ethnic Armenian intellectual. According to latest reports, almost three years after the assassination, the European Court of Human Rights is to condemn Turkey for the unfair loss of Mr. Dink.
In accordance with the Turkish broadcast news network «CNN Türk», in a few days, the ECHR will announce its decision on the condemnation of Turkey for negligence with regard to the protection of Mr. Dink and overshadowing the principles of law to try the whole case. According to the ECHR, the Turkish state has failed to ensure effective trial for the murder of Mr. Dink.

Turkey has accused him of "Nazi"

Last week, in Turkey has seen the light of day an information which has caused much confusion in society. According to this information, the Turkish side made efforts to defend itself in the ECHR accusing Mr Dink in the name of Nazi behavior. More or less, the Turkish side has accused the journalist on the pretext that his writing was about of ethnic hatred. Information regarding the condemnation of Turkey in the ECHR come to the fore at a time when the majority of society in Turkey continues to express its abhorrence of the conduct of Ankara.

Embarrassment in Ankara

The defense of the Turkish state left in a difficult position many politicians in Ankara. Foreign Minister Ahmed Davutoglu had to state that he did not know the contents of the Turkish defense. Furthermore, he stated that he feels very uncomfortable. For his part, President Abdullah Gul felt the need to convene a meeting with the brother of Hrant Dink, Dink Chosrof and apologized for the attitude of his government.

The other face of the AKP

The very moment that Mr. Gul and Mr. Davutoglu expressed consternation for the defense of the government, members of the ruling Justice and Development Party made statements with substance ethnic hatred. Specifically, the Deputy Prime Cemil Cicek reached the point of asking about the reason why some of the dead man of the PKK are not circumcised. At the same time, he made efforts to link the activities of PKK to Armenian actions that are challenging its country.


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