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Friday, August 20, 2010

They worry about the option of “Taiwan model”

Date: 20.08.2010 | 14:35

They worry about the option of “Taiwan model”

Nikos Stelgia


The Turkish Cypriot United Cyprus Party, in a statement expressed its concerns and worries about the plans of Ankara and the Turkish Cypriot leadership for the future of Cyprus. According the party's secretariat the final goal of Ankara for northern part of Cyprus is the application of the “model of Taiwan” in Cyprus.

The General Secretariat of the United Cyprus Party stated that the main objective of Ankara is to avoid any unpleasant surprise in December. The party pointed out that Ankara does not want to be seen as with obstructive conduct on the road of the solution to the Cyprus problem with the fear of endangering the European perspective.
The leadership of the United Cyprus Party made it clear that it does not believe that Ankara's goal is to resolve the problem by the end of 2010. Instead, Ankara wants to upgrade the structures of the north. The United Cyprus Party repeated its standing call for a federal solution in the near future.

The Turkish Cypriot left appears puzzled

The United Cyprus Party is not the only Turkish Cypriot political actor who is concerned about the future plans of Ankara and the Turkish Cypriot leadership. Various Marxist and leftist actors share the view that the purpose of Ankara is the “Taiwan model”.

A few days ago, the day of the anniversary of the invasion, the New Cyprus Party was on the streets of Nicosia and demonstrated against the presence of Turkish forces in Cyprus. In response to the slogan of the 1974 invasion as "the Ayşe goes on holiday¨ the party members protested with the slogan" Aishe it is time to return to your homeland ". This demonstration was supported by mobilization of the Turkish Cypriot antimilitarist and feminist movement.

Note that while a portion of the T / C left raising his voice against the plans of Ankara, the largest leftist party, the Republican Turkish Party keeps silent attitude. On the other hand, the protesters within the left formations express serious concern over a lack of interest by the Greek Cypriot side as regards the dynamic bi-communal action.

Ankara insists on high tones

While a portion of the Turkish Cypriot left expresses serious concern about the future of the island, Ankara insists on the high tones in Cyprus. Yesterday, the negotiator for Turkey's EU accession Egemen Bağış urged the EU to press the Greek Cypriot side for a immediate solution.


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